"Se V. possui uma renda tenerife antiga, achou um bastidor ou uma toalhinha no baú, compartilhe essa preciosidade com outros interessados e rendeiras. Entre em contato conosco para obter com o mediador as instruções para ser co-autor do MUSEU VIRTUAL e fazer um post com sua peça. Ou mande a foto que faremos a postagem em seu nome"

"Si tiene un antiguo encaje de tenerife, has encontrado un cojin o un mantelito en el baúl, comparta esta joya con encajeras y otros interesados. Póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener las instrucciones con el mediador y hacer un "post" con su pieza como coautor del MUSEO VIRTUAL. O envia una foto que se publicará en su nombre."

"If you have an old tenerife lace, found a rack or a small doillie in the family chest, share this preciousness with other parties concerned and lace-making. Please contact us to obtain with the mediator the instructions to be co-author of the VIRTUAL MUSEUM and make a post with your play. Or send us a photo and we will make posting on your behalf."

20 de out. de 2013

Apareceu no ebay: Koppo Tenerife Lace Work Cushion

Koppo Teneriffe Lace Work Cushion In Box Made In Japan Daisey Winder
Size:  not given
Starting Price: $4.99
Auction ends: Oct 23, 2013 16:27:04 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller mi401k, Stanton, Michigan, United States
Comments: I think the Koppo Cushion is the best Teneriffe loom as far as a practical working device.  Many others just look really cool but don’t work very well.  You normally find two versions of this item, one with packing materials in Japanese, and one in English. It was invented by Koppo Saito, and dates from the mid 1950′s (the patent is dated June 19, 1956).  They are leather stuffed with a packed wood filling, and a red cloth base.  This one seems complete with the original box. They don’t come up for sale very often.
Modifications:  None
Damage:  Looks good.
Soilage:  Nothing obvious.

fonte: Lacenews

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